You have questions, we have answers

You can contact us here, so that we can discuss with you personnally about your itinerary
The destination, the company, and the size of your vehicle are taken into consideration for the price. Check here for more information on the different categories of vehicles
The final invoice is prepared when your vehicle is loaded onto the ship, which we then send to you. Please note that we send the bill of lading after we receive the payment.
We accept bank transfer, as well as cash and credit card if you come directly to our office in Breda (The Netherlands).
We only accept Euros, nothing else. Please be mindful of that
We have a ship leaving once a week. We send you confirmation by email that your vehicle has been loaded on the ship as soon as we receive confirmation from the port, which occurs one or two days after the ship's departure.
You receive the bill of lading after the payment has been made.
Once the ship arrives at the desination port, you will have three days to go get your vehicle. After those three days, you will have to pay €8 per day damurrage.

Fill in this form and we will contact you back as soon as possible